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Theresa Husarik - professional Utah Photographer Writer


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    Theresa Husarik - professional Utah Photographer Writer    

I have been writing pretty much all my life, from poetry, short stories, and even a prize-winning play in grade school to technical and travel writing as an adult. Same with photography. I remember those first pictures that really were technically horrible, but I loved them anyway because of their emotional value. Being able to capture a memory to share was the impetus for my continuing in photography and refining my craft. Having been published numerous times, I've come a long way from that blurry, hand-held sunset image that got me started.

I worked for 20+ years in the Information Technology industry, all the while honing my creative side. When the web became mainstream, I jumped at this technology that gave me the chance to play with both sides of the brain at once, the technical and the creative. Starting out as a volunteer for such organizations as the National Wildlife Federation, The Photographic Print Society, NANPA and the ASMP, I moved on to designing and programming websites for profit.

The urge to travel is in my genes. Just after graduating from High School, my mother rode her bike to Nova Scotia (she lived in Southern Connecticut at the time). We always went on family vacations to cool places within driving distance from my hometown in Southern New Jersey. Now, in addition to the ever-welcome local road trip, I seek out opportunities to travel to lands far and wide; to experience different cultures, sample the culinary delights, and meet the wonderful people.

My varied experience has led to being a full-time writer / photographer / web designer. Check out some of my other identities:

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